The first electro-magnetic alarm system in the world was patented on June 21st 1853 in the name of a man called Augustus Russell Pope, an inventor from Sommerville in Boston. Since this time much has changed, however, a few things have remained the same for the last several decades. Unfortunately the alarm industry in specific has morphed into a business rife with high pressure sales tactics, contracts designed to confuse and trap customers into paying high monthly fees with no end in sight. Mailboxes filled with flyers for “free alarm systems”, and yet, while still needing security, we all still seem to think that there is such a thing as free. Before launching Venture Security both of our partners had worked in management for other alarm and security companies in Southeastern PA and were perplexed by the inefficient structure and lack of customer service that was rife throughout the industry. Separately each of our partners set out to change the way that things were done and set a new example for the industry to follow.

The changes that needed to be made were clear as both had started in the industry with no experience slowly working themselves up from entry level service technicians into management. It was this process that fleshed out the changes that must be made. You may be surprised to learn that there is no white paper that had to be written or Ivy League graduate business plan that needed to be created. No, the answer is much simpler, do you remember ever seeing a poem on a large wall poster in elementary school by Robert Fulghum titled “All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten”? This simple poem exemplifies the basic tenets that comprise our corporate philosophy. We strive to put our customers first, which, is one of the reasons that all inbound phone calls are fielded by upper management and then, if necessary, directed to the person or group of people who can best assist your inquiry. When we come out to your home or business for a site survey or estimate we don’t send a salesman, we send a technician who installs these systems who is acutely aware of the challenges and complexities of installing our systems in finished buildings, streamlining the process by eliminating the often fragmented information flow that occurs when you have a salesman provide an estimate, then, senior management dispatch a technician to install the system sight unseen. Inevitably this process leads to miscommunications, and, this in fact is one of the reasons so many companies in this industry fail. There are only two reasons customers get upset, either they don’t get what they do expect, or, they do get what they don’t expect. Proper communication and customer service have always been our top priority and while this may seem like it should be a fundamental principal of any business, sadly, in this day in age it seems that profits come first.

  • After starting their respective businesses, and each being successful for over a decade, the decision was made to join together as one company, Venture Security. This merger has offered the opportunity to continue to grow in a scalable manor while maintaining steadfast to our philosophy and core values of placing customer service first. Sticking to our values has afforded us the ability to grow our customer base, and, attract truly amazing customers. It is no surprise that there are good customers and bad customers, most often, bad customers are created by providing poor customer service. This is why we are proud to have hundreds of outstanding customers who, we are happy to be, at their service.