About Chester County

Chester County is located in SE part of Pennsylvania and West and North from Philadelphia. As of the 2020 Census, the population of Chesco was a little over half a million. The main municipalities are West Chester, Phoenixville, Coatesville, Downingtown, Lionville, Kennett Square, Paoli, Oxford, Exton, Chesterbrook, Berwyn, Parkesburg, Thorndale, Spring City, Malvern, West Grove, South Pottstown, Kenilworth, Lincoln University, Honey Brook, Eagleview, Caln, Devon, Atglen, South Coatesville, Avondale, Elverson, Cheyney University (partially), Westwood, Cochranville, Modena and Pameroy. Chester County was one of three counties initially created on August 24, 1682 by William Penn. Much of the history of Chester County arises from its location between Philadelphia and the Susquehanna River. The first road to "the West" (meaning Lancaster County) passed through the central part of Chester County, following the Great Valley westward with some re-alignments, it became the Lincoln Highway and later U.S. Route 30. This road is still named Lancaster Avenue in most of the Chester County towns it runs through. The first railroad (which became the Pennsylvania Railroad) followed much the same route, and the Reading Railroad progressed up the Schuylkill River to Reading. Industry tended to concentrate along the rail lines. Easy transportation allowed workers to commute to urban jobs, and the rise of the suburbs followed. To this day, the developed areas form "fingers" extending along major lines of transportation. Chester County is a home to some of the great colleges and universities including West Chester University, Lincoln University, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Immaculata University, Penn State Great Valley and University of Valley Forge. In Chester County, tradition meets the modern lifestyle. Its charming little towns are full of life with the beautiful rural areas in between. It's where the old farm boarders modern shopping mall or a high tech industry facility. The towns are very vibrant and full of life. Variety of little local shops, restaurants and bars embedded in historical building infrastructure, makes the city centers a favorite destination not only for a local residents, but also for many tourists visiting Chester County every year. Natural lakes and water reservoirs and local and state parks are well maintenaned and offer a great escape to the nature at any time of the year. Traditional farms are an unforgettable experience during the summer and fall.

Chester County is also a home to Venture Security, LLC. That's where we were born and our roots, ideas and values come from.

Venture Security offers a full spectrum of security services to Chester County residents and businesses. Our security solutions serve well residential homes, commercial buildings and facilities, government buildings, schools, hospitals, universities and colleges as well as retail industry, hotels, country clubs, pools and sport centers.

To our residential customers in Chester County, we offer home alarm systems to protect against burglary or any intrusion. Optionally any home alarm system can include fire, smoke and carbon monoxide protection as well as leak detection to protect against flooding. Our home alarm system can be combined with video surveillance and automation. Advanced integration allows a homeowner to see who is at the front door from anywhere in the world with internet access and a smartphone. The homeowner can lock and unlock the door, turn on the lights or even adjust the temperature at the house. Video doorbells and flood light, motion activated cameras are also a great security additions to any home. Video Surveillance systems have become very popular among residential clients. Security and a peace of mind are priceless.

At Venture, we specialize in multi-camera surveillance systems for residential buildings. Our cameras feature the latest technology, highest resolution exceeding 4K Ultra HD and ability to see at night like it was a day, with full color picture. Full remote access is always included and free for life and there are no hidden video storage fees. We also offer residential low voltage and data wiring services. We can add more wired access points in your home or expand your WiFi coverage in and outside of your house by adding WiFi access points. We also install StarLink satellite internet dishes.

It is worth to mention that at Venture Security we don't use cheap, DIY equipment often present at residential security installations. We only use field tested, commercial grade products from selected, very reputable manufacturers. We use genuine and latest Honeywell Home/Resideo Alarm Systems and Products from Vista and ProSeries Line. Uniview, Anker Security Eufy, Hikvision and LTS Products for Video Surveillance. Unifi Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points and Switches. We want your home security to be the highest quality, easy to use, reliable and worry free.

Venture Security offers a full spectrum of commercial security services. This also includes non-profit organizations, government and military clients, day care centers, schools, colleges and universities, real estate management companies and their rental properties and apartment buildings and even health centers and hospitals, churches and religious buildings, high security facilities, banks and financial institutions, parking loots and garages, shopping malls, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, retail shops and services and nightclubs and even pools, recreational centers and country clubs. We are able to provide our commercial security services to any facility in Chester County.

It seems like every public place today requires a solid security. Whether to protect the facility from unauthorized access and break-ins, protecting the liability from false litigation, Venture Security provides the latest alarm solutions from Honeywell and SilentKnight to protect the property from break-ins with intrusion alarm system, and from smoke and fire with with a commercial fire alarm system. We also offer cloud based access control systems from PDK and VizPin. With almost unlimited scalability we have access control systems for any size building or facility. Full remote cloud based access allows anyone with credentials to control and monitor building's access control system from anywhere.

At Venture Security we specialize in custom built video or audio/video surveillance systems. We don't offer camera packages, we select each and every camera based on its purpose, location and customer's requirements. Our experience in designing and building custom security camera systems goes back 20 years, to the times when the average security camera weighted 20lbs and was a size and cost of a compact car and only VCR tapes were used for recordings. Today we use only the latest technology and all our new systems are 100% digital and IP based. Our cameras can operate 24/7 with a full time color picture, we offer resolutions exceeding 4K Ultra HD and reaching 8K. We utilize the latest features like artificial intelligence or AI for object and human recognition, person tracking or vehicle plate recognition. All our surveillance products are field tested and offer unprecedented reliability and the highest quality. We use Uniview, LTS, Verkada and Hikvision cameras and NVRs. If you are in Chester County and are looking for the best video surveillance system design and installation, please contact Venture Security.

Venture Security also sells and installs entry and intercom systems from Aiphone, DKS, or Mircom. Those are always a great security solution for apartment complexes and apartment buildings as well as some commercial buildings with multiple tenants.

Another service we offer in our commercial spectrum is data and low voltage wiring, fiber optic wiring, testing and certification and wireless networks and WiFi solutions. We also provide installation service for StarLink internet dishes.

And finally we also offer smart building solutions incorporating multiple technologies under one roof also known as Internet of Things or IoT.

Our Service Area

We Offer Our Residential Security Services to customers located in Chester County PA, Montgomery County PA, Delaware County PA, Bucks County PA, Berks County PA, Philadelphia Metro Area, Lehigh Valley and New Jersey*.

In Chester County we offer our security systems to the following zip codes:

19301, 19310, 19311, 19312, 19316, 19318, 19320, 19330, 19333, 19335, 19341, 19343, 19344, 19345, 19346, 19347, 19348, 19350, 19351, 19352, 19353, 19354, 19355, 19357, 19358, 19360, 19362, 19363, 19365, 19366, 19367, 19369, 19370, 19371, 19372, 19374, 19375, 19376, 19380, 19381, 19382, 19390, 19395, 19397, 19398, 19399, 19421, 19425, 19432, 19442, 19457, 19460, 19465, 19470, 19475, 19480, 19481, 19482, 19520

If you live in any of the areas mentioned above and are interested to hear more about our offer or have an existing alarm system and need an upgrade, or if you are tired of high monitoring fees and poor customer service, please, reach out to us for a friendly and free consultation and an on-site estimate.

*Fire Protection related services are currently available in PA only